Farm Republic is located at 34, Ogunseye Street, Alagbole-Akute Road, Ojodu. Lagos, Nigeria.

Farm Republic is currently supported by equity of partners, and proceeds from the business.

Our platform presents a more organized, trusted and unique process, as our farmers become certified and transactions are verified by us. We aim to ease the marketing process for the farmers, make available a ready market for the sales of their produce and increase their income. Our strategy creates a steady supply of raw produce for processors, reduces if not totally eradicates the challenges of acquiring these products, and enhances convenience for their production processes. We offer the best prices as we intend to promote healthy competition and delivery of high quality crops. 

We have on our team well experienced personnel who understand the agribusiness, product availability, customer requirements and price regulations. We have developed a customer support system which would study the needs of our target market and deliver premium services at all times to ensure that their businesses continue to operate efficiently.

Our platform does not just present itself as a marketplace, rather one which aims to bridge the gap between demand and supply, build credibility, and improve businesses.

Farm Republic is seeking to improve the livelihood of clients by delivering superior value to them and providing solutions for their businesses. Our goal is to be the foremost Agriculture brand in Africa for Commerce, Intelligence and Advocacy.

We are advocating for an inclusive agricultural transformation by linking small and large scale farmers to the right market, creating extended food supply and employment opportunities along the value chain.

A product taxonomy is the organization of products in a store. This comprises your product categories, product tags, and product attributes (i.e. size, shape or color).

stock keeping unit (SKU) is a scannable barcode, most often seen printed on product labels in a retail store. This label allows vendors to automatically track the movement of inventory. The SKU is usually composed of an alphanumeric combination of about eight characters.

Kindly send an email to opeyemi@farmrepublic.ng.

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