Farm Republic has Arguably the Best Deals on Food Items in Nigeria and here’s WHY

At Farm Republic, Thursdays are market days and on the 21st of October, 2021, as usual, we put out photos and prices of our available farm produce. One of these posts was for Beans and we got a reaction from a Twitter user (@Hitee_). See screenshots below:

Indeed, Farm Republic’s price is quite competitive however, those who sell at N100,000 per bag at the moment are not entirely wrong. The value chain connecting the farmer to the consumer is quite extensive. Imagine this: Wholesaler A in the vicinity of the farmer, buys off their produce and sells to wholesaler B in a different location. Wholesaler B can decide to sell to Wholesaler C which is considered smaller. Wholesaler C then sells to a retailer, most likely in another location. As the goods change hands, costs begin to accumulate. From transportation to risks, profits and unforeseen circumstances. This is how food becomes expensive.

Farm Republic connects farmers directly to buyers. Buyers in this case are retailers and consumers (bulk sharing). Our mission is to improve access for Nigerian farmers to local and international markets and as well supply farm fresh food to buyers. This will improve the productivity of farmers and boost healthy and affordable food consumption in Nigeria. Farm Republic is doing this one farmer at a time till we reach our goal of 600,000 farmers in 10 years. 

We are constantly creating innovative ways to increase market access for farmers and buyers. Right now, we have an online marketplace where farmers can put up their produce to sell directly to businesses, or individuals. 

Check out our marketplace here:, and share with everyone you can. Spread the gospel of farm republic, please!  

We are very active on social media, chat us up on  Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @FarmRepublic

That said, you need produce, we are your plug:, you can also order on WhatsApp: Place an Order

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